Computer Network Security

Computer Network Security Is More Important Now Than Ever.

Your Small Business Is a Prime Target For Cyber Thieves.

Did you know that there are more than 65,000 new malware threats every day? Malware campaigns and cybercrime have become big business and are costing small and medium-sized companies like yours in stolen data and downtimes. Every day your business is subject to these malware campaigns.  If you haven’t been affected it’s only a matter of time.

Businesses like yours are finally realizing the importance of protecting their sensitive client information and critical data from the grasp of hackers and Internet thieves. One reason is because large companies now employ so much data protection that the thieves are focusing on small businesses.

Computrek Information Management Group offers the protection you need for an affordable price.  We provide:

  • Virus/Spyware Detection and Removal

Malware can infect your network when you or your staff download questionable files or visit a phishing website. While you may think you know better than to download corrupt files or visit scamming websites, even the most tech-savvy people get tricked. We can protect your computers and network with our Anti-Virus/Spyware Software. Once it’s been installed, we set it to scan your files on a regular basis.  When a virus or spyware is detected we remove it from your system.

  • Software Patch Management

When you neglect to patch your software it can to be exploited. Security patches should always be applied in a timely fashion to reduce the risk of data breaches. Computrek ensures this is done in a timely fashion. You won’t have to worry about patch updates and can focus on your business, rather than your IT security.

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

To truly protect your data you must be able to restore it after a disaster.  This means having an up-to-date copy stored offsite in a high-security facility like the ones at Computrek. Your backups are performed automatically throughout the day via a secure Internet connection.

These, plus other security measures we provide ensure your small or medium-sized business is protected from cyber thieves and malware.  To get started schedule a Security Assessment from Computrek Information Management Group in Sudbury, Ontario.  We will detect any deficiencies in your system and provide solutions to put proper security controls in place. To learn more call us at (705) 566-3355 or email us at:  

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Client Feedback

“Computrek has been our ‘IT’ department since 1985. They provide excellent, reliable service with a quick response to our calls. We would highly recommend Computrek”

—Blaine Nicholls
Nicholls Yallowega Belanger-Architectes
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