Enterprise-Class Disaster Recovery & Data Security For Small Business

Without offsite data protection, your business is at constant risk. If you lose your critical data, you can’t perform day-to-day tasks, your revenue stream dries up, and your livelihood is jeopardized.

Why are you taking this risk?  Perhaps you think you can’t afford an offsite data protection solution. You’re wrong. You can—with Computrek’s Symform Cooperative Storage CloudTM.

Computrek and Symform have joined forces to provide an affordable offsite storage and disaster recovery solution that will defend your data and your business.

How it works.

Sudbury Data Backup

The Symform Cooperative Storage Cloud is a revolutionary solution that combines the best practices of disaster recovery, data security, and distributed networking using the power of the Internet. Recent developments in the field of cloud computing have opened up this realm of possibility.

Synform strings together the spare capacity of its members’ disk drives into a unified cloud storage facility. When you sign up for Computrek’s Symform Cooperative, you contribute unused cloud storage space equal to the amount you consume.

Millions of small businesses have computers with excess storage capacity.  The Symform system transforms this storage into a secure, reliable global storage system. Symform then manages the day-to-day administration of this capacity providing you the secure offsite data storage and protection you need.

With Symform Cooperative Storage CloudTM from Computrek, your data is automatically encrypted and stored on a redundant network.

Think of it—no more:

  • Unreliable backup tapes.
  • Per GB fees.
  • Expensive data center-based online systems.

Unlike with other cloud solutions:

  • You’ll have reliable, secure and affordable data storage and protection that is 10 times faster and 10 times cheaper.
  • You have the ability to connect any folder on your device.
  • You can sync your folders across all of your devices.     

Don’t risk your business and livelihood one more day. Contact us to learn more about Computrek’s Symform Cooperative Storage CloudTM.

Call (705) 566-3355 or email us at: sales@computrek.ca

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