Google Apps Consulting

Computrek and Google Apps Can Do Great Things For Your Business.

In addition to:

  • Keeping your technology functioning at peak performance,
  • Ensuring your network and computers are secure and protected from potential threats,
  • Lowering your IT expenses, and
  • Collaborating with you to align technology with your business goals,
  • Computrek also provides Google Apps Consulting.

Why is this important? — Because Google Apps is a great way for your small business to save money and use email and other solutions to increase productivity and security. The following are just a few ways that Computrek and Google work together to help you do this.

Email With Your Domain Name:  You can set up your email through Google, and even have an email address with your professional domain name.  Many people simply use as their email address, but this is so unprofessional.  Instead set up your email on Google with your company name instead.  Also be sure to add your website, contact information and social media links to your email signature to attract more customers.  The professionals at Computrek Information Management Group can help you set up your new Google email address.

Spam Control:  You may have noticed that you’re getting more spam emails than you have before.  And you’re right.  Spamming is increasing exponentially, and small businesses are getting hit the most.  With Computrek and Google Apps solutions you can protect your business with spam filters that keep the “bad guys” off your computers and away from your network.

Email Storage & Search Capabilities: Most email servers provide only 1GB of storage space or less. Google provides 10GB of space. This should be plenty of email storage for your small business.   Plus, Google’s email search function is excellent, even if you are looking for an email you sent two years ago. You can search your email from anywhere you have an Internet connection and from any computer device, even your smartphone.

On-The-Go Solutions:  Google has apps that work with nearly every mobile device out there.  With the majority of your business people on the go today, they need the mobile capabilities that Google provides. And Computrek can ensure the data on your mobile devices is always protected, even if you lose your smartphone or tablet.

Solutions That Boost Productivity: Google has so many products and services you can take advantage of to help you and your staff be more productive.  Solutions such as calendar and file sharing, and Google Docs are just a few.  There are many more.  Computrek can tell you about them and help you get set up.

Easy To Use and Set Up: Unlike other platforms, Google prides themselves on offering easy step-by-step instructions and videos to help you set up and use your apps. Plus, you’ll have a partner in Computrek Information Management Group to help you migrate to Google Apps easily without disruption to your business operations.

For more information on how to migrate your business in Sudbury to Google Apps, contact Computrek’s Google Apps Specialist for a consultation at: (705) 566-3355 or via email at:   

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“Computrek has been our ‘IT’ department since 1985. They provide excellent, reliable service with a quick response to our calls. We would highly recommend Computrek”

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