Cup of I.T.

Valuable insight for your business.

A Cyber-Hack Domino Effect Can Target Your Business

Learn how we safeguard our community of users and partners even at home

How to reduce business costs, maximize opportunities and boost profitability?

My goal as your Technology Consultant is to inform and guide your IT practices to achieve your business objectives.

Spring Into Action And Backup Your System Files

Here are the top three questions and answers to why you should back up your system files today.

Can the Computrek One Business Phone do it all?

The simple answer is yes, and the more complicated answer is, it can do even more. Learn more about the Advantages of a Business Phone Service

We Understand & Support Dental Practice Technologies

Our ProACTIVE 7 CyberSecurity Advantage will secure your technology and provide fast and reliable support for you and your team.

Streamline Your Business Communication with Computrek One

A Unified Business Solution can provide file collaboration and productivity in a single interface across multiple devices, delivered via a secure cloud solution.

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and there's nothing scarier than the thought of a hacker collecting your personal and business data.

Your business can be collateral damage to a major cyberattack.

The Canada Revenue Agency was forced to temporarily suspend its online services after a series of cyberattacks in August of 2020.

Working From Home: A Cybersecurity Story

Working from home can be challenging and cause many pain points to your network's end-user experience.

A Quick Guide To Maximize Productivity With Microsoft 365

There has never been a better time to learn and maximize how you and your team can collaborate and be more productive.

3 Ways To Improve Your Business Digital Transformation

Today’s digital transformation is a major hurdle for any business. Developing a process, learning the applications, or even communicating a new strategy can take time and effort, with a varying degree of success.


Work from home or “teleworking” during a critical event is a business practice being adopted by many companies to flatten the curve of COVID-19.


What is disaster recovery and how can it affect your business continuity?


Losing customer data or having your office computers completely wiped of all information can be disastrous.


As of January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows 7.

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